Terminology by Tradition/Convention
Termin Ak. Brhd Cel. Chrs C of X Dream-speakers Eutnt O of Hrm Sons of Ether Verb. VAs NWO ItX Prog. Snd VEs
Arete Te Grace Ecstasy ? Dharma Gnosis Inspiration ? Insp. Insp. Insp Insp. Insp. Insp.
Quintessence Mana Ojas Ojas Qsc Primal Energy Primal Energy Primal Energy Primal Energy Primal Energy Primal Energy Primal Energy
Secret Signs Kaja Script High Enochian (?) Iwapo' High Enochian
Avatar Bodhicitta Daemon, Muse Howahkan, Mawiya, ʻUhane (Hawaiian "spirit") Atman



Spark of Life Genius/ Avatar Genius Genius Genius Genius Genius
Foci Kamamarga Sacred objects (Ritual) Instruments (Hermetic) Instruments
Fate Karma (?) ? Destiny, Ars Fati Probability Destiny Probability Probability Probability Probability Probability Probability
Space Lokhadhatu (?) ? Ars Spati
Prime Chi Vac Ars Potentiae, Ars Prima
Forces Wu Xing (The Five Agents) Tejas Elements = Ars Essentiae
Matter Waidan (External alchemy) Prakriti Ars Materiae
Mind Mushin / Citta-santana Manas Ars Mentis
Spirit Shen Cit Ars Spirituum(?)
Death Sunyata (??) ? Ars Manes
Life Neidan (Internal alchemy) Prana Ars Animae(?)
Time Kalachakra Sat Ars Temporis
Apprentice Catehumen Kaʻimi (Hawaiian "the seeker") Shravaka Initiate Cipher Student Associate / "Magic Man"
Initiate So'cha Shravaka Initiate Exemptus Research Associate
Disciple Chela Adeptus Armature Manager / "Wizard"
Adept Sihing ("Elder brother") Presbyter Wemilo Chela Adeptus Major Professor Comptroller Primary Investigator Coordinator
Master Sifu Exarch Divya Nahmana (Dakota "secret") Acarya Magister Scholae Chair Elite Research Director Chairman / "Vision Man"
Archmage Sigung Paramaguru Magister Mundi Emeritus Administrator Vice President of Operation
Oracle Ayanna (Swahili "Beautiful flower") Avatara Archmagus
Mentor Praecept Acarya Pater / Mater

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